A Weekend In The Life of Mum and Foodie, Mama Needs a Mimosa


A weekend in the life is Kidadl’s regular blog about the family lives of an amazing array of Kidadlers. Here, Mama Needs a Mimosa’s Emily Lawler takes us through her weekend and shares her top tips for family fun.

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Emily is a nurse and self-proclaimed foodie who started her blog, Mama Needs a Mimosa, when her son Max was just 10 weeks old. She lives with her husband and son (with another on the way) in glorious Glasgow.

Whatever time Max dictates! Usually about 7am but sometimes earlier.

Peanut butter toast for Max and a bagel for me if we’re home, pancakes and eggs benedict if we’ve made it out in time.

Pancakes? Yes please!

Be as organised as possible. Set an alarm when it’s time to leave. Pack the night before. Enlist the help of your mum if possible! My mum is always around to help.

The turbine hall in the Tate.

For kids, the transport museum (followed by lunch at Balthazar).

Emily and Max on a day out

Water wipes, snacks, a change of clothes plus a hat, Max’s kindle, lots of small toy cars, some books with a stickers, nappies and swimming nappies too plus a swim suit for Max.

Honestly knackered! But it’s worth it!

Get bored really quickly...

Have a kid friendly afternoon tea at B bakery.

Max enjoying a tasty treat!

Having my husband around to hang out with and play with Max as a family.

Sunday night!

Always have an array of snacks on your person.

Emily Lawler, Muma Needs A Mimosa
Emily Lawler

Emily is a nurse and self-proclaimed foodie who started her blog, Mama Needs a Mimosa, when her son Max was just 10 weeks old. She was on a mission to find places to eat where she could still enjoy really good food with her little boy. Mama Needs A Mimosa now recommends places across the UK that are family-friendly and still delicious and a quick look at her Instagram feed will leave you drooling. Emily's community of foodie parents has grown so much, she now hosts meet-ups for adults and kids alike (at brilliant restaurants of course).

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