Booking process

How can I book a show, performance, event, activity, tour or admission to a venue?

Find your preferred activity and click on Book Tickets. Then select the ticket type and or package best suited to your family, and the ages of your children. Choose the date, time and quantity, review your order and continue to the payment page. Let’s get Kidadling!

Can I book an event over the phone?

No we only accept bookings via our website or app.

Some tickets types are free - do I still need a ticket?

All customers attending an event must have a ticket - in some cases, tickets may be free for a specific age band. Please read the booking terms & conditions carefully before making your selection.

Can I choose my own seat?

Where seat planner is displayed you can book your exact seat. Where there is no allocated seating or no seat planner you will be allocated the best seats available at the price band.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email containing details of your exact seat number.

*Please note that our system doesn't allow for cluster bookings (i.e. bookings which are not in the same row, side-by-side or seats that are in a different price bracket). You will have to purchase your tickets for each row/different price bracket separately.

Some events on Kidadl not provide the option to choose your own seat, however you may get the option to choose your seating area or ticket type. You’ll then be allocated the best available seats on arrival at the venue and these will be assigned by the venue based on your group size, ticket type or on a first-come, first-served basis.

What do seat restrictions mean?

Where there is a seat on the seat planner with a white dot in the middle, you can click on it to view the restriction on that particular seat (eg restricted view). Some shows have restrictions such as: tickets have to be purchased in twos, or your ticket selection cannot leave a single seat. These will be indicated once you have selected your seats, if applicable.

How does seat planner work?

Simply select the seats you wish to purchase. Seat planner will not work if you leave single seats on either side of your selection. Some shows require a minimum of 2 seats to be purchased next to each other for the ticket selection to be valid.

Can I make group booking?

Of course! You can make group family bookings on Kidadl. The more the merrier. Some venues specify a maximum number of 10 seats per booking, but it does depend on each event and venue.

What information does the email confirmation contain?

It contains details of the tickets you have purchased including the date, time and the address of the event. Plus any special information relating to event including our refund and cancellation policy.

What is instant booking? What does the lightning bolt sign mean? What do I do if I don't receive my voucher?

When you see 'Instant' on an event, activity, show or performance it means that when you complete the payment, you will receive your email booking confirmation instantly. If you do not receive your email booking confirmation please first check your Spam folder before contacting us.

In a rare case that you haven't received the email booking confirmation immediately after you book an 'instant' activity, contact us at hello@kidadl.com or call us on +44 20 7827 6100 between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Why do I need to input in my email address to book/purchase a ticket?

This is so we can email you your ticket confirmation. We do not share your email with third parties. We only share your email with our ticketing partners to fulfil your order.

Why do I have to provide my mobile number when I book a ticket?

We need your mobile phone in order to contact you in case of an emergency. In the rare occasion that an event is cancelled at short notice or there is some kind of emergency in the surrounding area that may prevent the event from taking place we need to be able to contact you. We also use your mobile number to remind you of the details of an upcoming event you have booked on Kidadl.

After I have make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my ticket/voucher?

Different activities have different confirmation times which are indicated in the activity details and terms and conditions of booking. Most activities are either instantly confirmed or confirmed within 24 hours.

Do events sell out?

Events do sell out on the Kidadl platform, especially for dates at the weekends and in the school holidays. So we recommend that if you see something that you and the family want to go… book it pronto!

Can I book an event/show/tour/performance/activity today, that is also happening today?

The majority of our events, shows, tours, performances, activities are available to book in real time with immediate availability even on the same day. Some of our partners do require 24 notice of a booking. This is clearly stated in the booking terms and conditions. This means that those partners with a 24 cut off can not guarantee to honor tickets purchased within 24 hours of the event taking place. Partners with immediate confirmation are clearly marked on Kidadl.

How do I know that my tickets are from a genuine agent?

We are members of STAR (Secure Tickets from Authorised Retailers). Buying from STAR members guarantees certain things. STAR members undertake to:
- Clearly identify the face value of any tickets purchased and any additional booking fees
- Highlight any terms and conditions, including transferability, cancellation and viewing restrictions
- Handle bookings in a polite and courteous manner, giving the highest standards of professional service
- STAR represents most of the major ticket agents and numerous venue box offices around the UK
- Membership of STAR can be recognised by the use of the STAR kitemark and a list of members is available at www.star.org.uk or by phoning the STAR helpline (0844 879 4272).

Age guidelines & restrictions

How do age guidelines work?

We do our best to recommend genuinely appropriate kids ages for all events, activities, tours and performances and venues. These are guidelines only. We recommend that you form your own judgement as all children are different and you know your child best so you will be best placed to judge the suitability of an activity. Some events have specific age restrictions - these are clearly indicated in our event listings where relevant.

Do venues and shows have age restrictions?

Some venues have restrictions on the ages of children they will admit. This does vary show by show and venue by venue. The restrictions are shown in the information we provide in the event descriptions and or the terms and conditions when you book.

Can I bring a babe in arms to the show? Or do I need to purchase a seat for a baby?

Most venues do not allow babe in arms. All customers have to have a booked seat and a ticket. Venues and shows have a minimum age restriction. Each venue and show is different so we show you this information in the event listings terms and conditions of booking.

Payment process

How secure is my payment?

Kidadl payments are taken via Stripe. Stripe is taking the payment on our behalf, all payment details are taken and stored via Stripe. We do not hold any of these details, apart from a reference and token to the transaction. Kidadl uses third party secure payment gateways to process your payment. If you choose to 'save card information', your credit card and debit card details are encrypted and stored securely with our payment gateways.

How do I change my payment details?

You can edit and delete your cards details at anytime during the checkout process on Kidadl.

How is payment taken?

Payments are via the secure Stripe gateway. All information is stored by Stripe.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees at all on Kidadl. We show you all the costs before you make your booking. On Kidadl you will always see what you will pay.

I am having problems making a payment.
  1. If the Kidadl website is working but when you press ‘Pay’ the page doesn't load, please refresh the page, or try again later.
  2. Your card may be rejected. This is not something within our control but with your card processor. If this is the case please try a different card. We accept all credit and debit cards include Amex, Visa and MasterCard.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our hotline +44 20 7827 6100 Monday to Friday 10am-5pm or email hello@kidadl.com

Why have I been sent to a third-party link?

Kidadl is the discovery and booking platform for family fun. A limited number of Kidadl partners offer a service which can not be booked or confirmation via the Kidadl platform. So in order to find out more information or to transact with that partner you may have to click through to their website. Please be aware that any transactions made on a third-party website is liable to the terms and conditions of that website.

Changes and refunds

Kidadl refund policy

Kidadl does not offer customers the ability to cancel the tickets once they have been purchased. Events/performances can't be refunded unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled. All terms and conditions of booking are clearly stated for you to review before you book. Cancellation and refund policy

The weather is terrible and our event is outdoors? What do we do?

In general, whatever the weather, you can expect the event to take place unless the event organiser has explicitly cancelled the event. We’ll inform you if that’s the case, so don’t fret. Please bring appropriate clothing/footwear for all possible weather conditions.

Can I change the name on the ticket for someone else?

If you can’t attend the event but your friends or family can (or if you’re planning to purchase tickets as a gift for someone), please call or email our hello@Kidadl.com before proceeding to book or call us +44 20 7827 6100.

In most cases, it is possible to change the name of the booking to someone else so please contact our customer support team and provide them with the name of the new attendee (at least 48 hours before the event start time) and we'll update your booking if necessary.

Once a name change has been actioned, you'll be sent an updated booking confirmation email. Simply forward this to the new attendee and they’re in! Valid ID may be required.

*Please note that name changes are not necessary for West End bookings.

Post-event booking questions

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

After you make a booking, you will receive a Booking Confirmation email from Kidadl confirming the details of your booking. Please check your spam/junk folder if you can’t see this email in your inbox.

I have not received my booking confirmation by email? What shall I do?

Kidadl always sends a confirmation email for successful bookings. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that an email has been received, and sometimes people misspell their email addresses. If you haven't received a confirmation email after 10 minutes, please email hello@kidadl.com or call us 10-5pm Monday to Friday on +44 20 7827 6100.

If you signed up to Kidadl via Facebook, please note that your booking confirmation email will be sent to the email address that is linked to your Facebook account.

Please provide your booking reference from the confirmation page - if you don't have this please provide your full name, the event and performance date you purchased, and the approximate time that you placed your order. Please specify the email address you would like to send to if you are not emailing from that address.

My friends and family have booked our tickets separately - will we be seated together?

Unfortunately unless all your ticket were purchased together, using seat planner, at the same time  for the whole family group and we are not guarantee you will be able to sit together.

If you and your friends and family have booked tickets using separate Kidadl accounts, please email us at hello@kidadl.com or call us and we’ll try our best to ensure that the event organiser makes every effort to sit you all together.*
*Please be aware that for some events (especially West End shows), this is not possible if you have booked your tickets separately.

For events where you do not have the option to choose your own seats (ie, General Admission/Unreserved Seating ticket types), we highly recommend that if you're intending to go in a group; then your party should arrive at the venue together and in good time.

The event organiser will make every effort to sit you all together, however this cannot be guaranteed.

I have booked our tickets and we’re looking forward to attending the event but have more questions...

Please email hello@kidadl.com and we will be happy to help or call us on +44 20 7827 6100 Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.

How do I pick up my tickets?

Your booking confirmation email will contain instructions on how to redeem your tickets and enter the venue.

Please collect your tickets in person at the venue's ticket office up to 45 minutes prior to the event. This is the same address where the event will take place. Please note that some venues do not generate the tickets earlier than the date of the event.
In order to pick up your tickets, you may be required to present:
- A valid photo ID, driver's license or passport.
- The credit card you used to purchase the tickets.
- Your booking reference number.

If you have any questions, feel free to email hello@Kidadl.com and we'll be able to advise you on the terms of entry for the event that you booked.

When does the box office open? Why do I have to pick up my tickets 45 minutes before the performance?

Box office opening times vary. We would recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before the performance to pick up your tickets.

How do I find out how long the show is?

This information is provided on the event details page on our platform.

Why do I need to show ID or my credit card?

In order to pick up your tickets, some venues may require you to present a form of ID, including any of the following:
- A valid photo ID, driver's license or passport.
- The credit card you used to purchase the tickets.
- Your booking reference number.

Do I need to print out my booking confirmation email?

For the majority of events, you’ll only be asked to provide your name, show your confirmation email on your phone.  However some venues request that they are shown a printed version of the confirmation email. Some booking confirmation emails have barcodes on them and you will be required to present your printed booking confirmation email in so that the barcodes to be scanned by the venue.

At some bigger events and festivals, you may even be required to exchange your booking confirmation email for a paper ticket at the venue box office or print an e-ticket before going to the event. Either way, we’ll be sure to let you know about the redeems instructions and terms of entry once you’ve made a booking so that you know exactly what you need to do to get into an event!

What is the Lowest Price Guarantee?

Simple, we’ll refund double the difference… if you find a cheaper ticket price!

At Kidadl we are passionate about providing great value for families. We know how important getting a great deal is. We work really hard to ensure we get you the lowest ticket price available.

All our ticketing partners sign up and agree to the Lowest Price Guarantee. So we are very proud to be able to offer you the Lowest Price Guarantee. You can book your tickets on the Kidadl platform with confidence.

Kidadl’s pricing is super simple. We display clear pricing on all our tickets - the price you pay includes all extra charges such as booking fees and taxes so you will never have to pay any additional costs when you check out. What you see is what you pay.

We guarantee that the price of the ticket you purchase on Kidadl is the lowest price available for that ticket type. We are so confident that if you can buy the same ticket type on the same day at the same time, we will refund the difference between the Kidadl price that you paid and the price advertised elsewhere.  

So we will refund you if you:
  • Find a lower price (in the same currency) for the same event, tour, performance or activity and notify us within 48 hours of booking by email at hello@kidadl.com.


  • Arrive at your destination and find your booked event, tour, performance or activity is offered for a lower price.

Please send us the details to hello@kidadl.com and we'll refund the difference in the form of Kidcoin credits OR back to your credit card or debit card that you purchased your Kidadl ticket with.

How do I request a refund?

Please provide us with proof of the lower ticket price (receipt, price list, flyers, website, screenshot etc), and email us at hello@kidadl.com with your name and booking reference number. We’ll add the credit for the difference to your account as Kidcoin credits, or refund the full price difference direct to your card and or bank account.

Terms & conditions

The event, tour, performance and/or activity that you have found cheaper means that the ticket type is the same as the event, tour, performance, and/or activity booked on Kidadl. This includes currency, number of people, time, pick-up points, ticket usage (printed or mobile voucher), ticket validity (fixed date or open date), package booked, ticket type, instant or non instant confirmation, etc. The product may be sold by another channel, however it must be the same product as offered by Kidadl and purchased on our platform. The Kidadl Price Promise is not valid for vouchers, it only applies to tickets.

  • Tickets must be sold by official channels and or registered travel agencies.
  • This guarantee does not include any city or airport transfers.
  • This guarantee does not include multi-day tours.
  • Due to select operator restrictions, 'Lowest Price Guarantee' only applies to events, activities, performances and tours that display the Lowest Price Guarantee logo and guarantee on the provider's page.
  • The ticket type must be the same ticket and not a voucher for an event, tour, performance or activity.
  • Lower Price Guarantee covers retail rates available to the general public. This does not include discounts you may receive (or be eligible for) from third-party organizations or special offers made as part of a membership program, corporate discount, promotion, group or rewards program.
  • If you find a cheaper price before arriving at your destination, you must notify us within 48 hours of your original booking, or have dated proof that the cheaper price was found within 48 hours of your original booking.
  • Kidadl reserves the right to verify details of the lower price where possible, all refund decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Kidadl.
  • Refunds of double the price difference will be transacted to the credit card used in the original booking or to the customer’s bank account.
  • If you used Kidadl credits or a promo code when making your booking, you will receive a refund of double the difference from the original Kidadl price, not the discounted price.

Other questions

How can I sign up to Kidadl?
  • You can use your Facebook profile
  • Your mobile telephone number
  • Your email address via magic link
Whats is a magic link?

A magic link is a link we send to your email. If you press the link you log into the website. You do not need to create or remember a password.

Do I have to create a password on Kidadl?

To login into the Kidadl website or app you do not need to create a password or remember a password. You just need to remember the email or mobile telephone number you used to login.

What use do you make of my Facebook data?

Facebook provides us with your email address and profile picture.

How do you make use of my information?

Great question! Kidadl does your require real name so that we are able to pass this on to the event organiser, so that you can gain entry into an event.

We also require your phone number and email address so that we can contact you immediately if we need to inform you of an event cancellation or any urgent information relating to your booking.

Preferences such as your interests help provide you with tailored events and a better Kidadl experience overall.

Importantly, only where absolutely necessary for the purpose of event attendance will we ever share your contact details with the event organiser. For further details see our privacy policy link to privacy policy

We will never share your personal details for third-party marketing reasons.

What versions of operating system for mobile phones does Kidadl work on?

For iPhones, iOS 10 and above and For Android phones, 5.1 and above.